Supplements: All you need to know and their types


Welcome to Strong Nation Nutrition, your go to hub for all your supplemental needs.

Strong Nation and Supes Compound together has introduced a series of first class supplements, both macronutrients and micronutrients to meet all your fitness related needs.

We have got all the supplements ranging from Mass Gainers, EAAs, BCAAs, Aminos, Protein Supplements (Whey Protein, Post-Workout Supplements, Pre-Workout Supplements), Vitamins, Minerals, Testosterone boosters, Fat Burners and many more under one roof.

Our supplements are highly researched, tried and tested products, tried and trusted by national and international athletes.

At Strong Nation we believe in delivering high class supplements to our customers and focus more on building trust among them. With our world class and wide variety of product range we are here to revolutionize the fitness industry by providing top notch supplements not only to athletes but to every single individual who aims to get fit, stay healthy and achieve desired results to live a longer, happier and a healthier life.

Our range of Supplements Include:

  • Whey Protein Supplement
    • First and foremost, let's start with our whey protein supplement. Whey protein is the most needed and one of favorite supplement among every fitness individual.
    • It becomes extremely difficult to achieve the required amount of protein through food. This is where a whey protein supplement comes to our help.
    • Strong Nation Supplements provides you with a whey protein supplement with delicious flavors and a Whey Protein Blend(Nitr-8) to achieve desired goals and to recover faster.

  • BCAA Supplement
    • Our top selling product is BCAA. We have got a wide range of Branched Chain Amino Acid(BCAA) supplements, with a variety of flavors and what makes us stand out from other competitors is our BCAA FIZZ FRESH AMINOS, which comes in two fantastic flavors Whisky Cola Fizz and Orange Fizz.
    • This makes our BCAA Supplements one of the top selling products and favorite among all.

  • EAA Supplement
    • With the advancement in the nutrition and supplement industry, researchers and athletes are focusing on products which will help perform well, recover faster and perform best and always be at peak in their fitness regime. One of such supplements which is discovered is Essential Amino Acids.
    • Essential Amino Acids are the group of amino acids which cannot be synthesized in our bodies and can either be obtained through food or via supplements.
    • It has been shown that people or athletes who supplement with Essential Amino Acids perform well and recover faster during workouts.
    • Strong Nation EAA supplement provides you with a perfect blend of all the essential amino acids as well as electrolytes to keep you hydrated and energized throughout the workout.

    • Want to build a dream body? Yet, facing it difficult to gain weight? This is where a Mass Gainer Supplement comes to your help.
    • Mass Gainer supplement is a blend of carbohydrates and protein to help underweight individuals gain some muscle mass and weight.
    • Strong Nation Mass Gainer supplement is a perfect blend of carbohydrates and proteins along with many other useful ingredients which not only helps you build muscles and gain weight, but also helps perform better, recover faster and help gain a long term result over a short term goal.
    • This makes Strong Nation Mass Gainer a useful post workout supplement among athletes and gym goers.

  • Pre-workout Supplement
    • When we talk about pre-workout supplements, Strong Nation supplements is known for its most effective and everyone’s favorite pre-workouts - Freaky Wolf and Tiger Fury pre workout. . If you often use pre-workout supplements then you should definitely give both these products a try.

  • When it comes to your micronutrient need, Strong Nation has its own series of a wide variety of micronutrient supplements under its banner called Supes Compound. 

Supes compound is a highly researched micronutrient supplement series by Strong Nation Nutrition. Known for its highly potent products, this series includes 

    • A supplement with all the essential micronutrient needs such as vitamins, minerals, minerals and other vital herbs to keep you energized, healthy and fresh throughout the day. It also helps with many other functions such as improving vital health, enhancing performance, boosting energy levels and helps you recover well. TAKE DAILY is a vital and one of the most essential supplement for your daily micronutrient needs.

    • To achieve a desirable health we eat a lot of protein. Those who are facing any disease or suffering from any health related conditions have to go through a vast medication. This directly or indirectly has a lot of pressure on your liver. Our liver has many important functions in our body, right from the breakdown of all the macronutrients to maintaining homeostasis of our body is completely dependent on our liver. So, it makes immense sense to take care of our liver. Supes Compound Liv Strength is here to help you with it. A supplement with high quality , clinically researched and most trusted herbs and ingredients is here to detox your liver and rejuvenate it for you to live healthier.

  • Cardi Strength
    • We already know how important our cardiovascular health is, and a healthy heart is one of the main reason for its proper functioning. Over this decade we have seen the majority of athletes, celebrities, bodybuilders suffer from a cardiac arrest or any other sort of a cardiac health problem and over the years the number of such incidents is rising. Due to a variety of factors our cardiac health is at a high risk and it makes it more important to take care of our cardiovascular or heart health. Supes Compound Cardi Strength is one such product to help you rejuvenate your heart health and also help improve its functioning. The product comes with tremendous benefits from most scientifically researched and highly potent ayurvedic herbs and other ingredients to make your heart strong and healthy.

  • Power Omega
    • If you are a fitness individual, you already know the importance of an Omega-3 supplement. Omega 3 is one such essential fatty acid which is very important for proper functioning of our body. It contains EPA and DHA which are extremely important for our heart and brain health. Moreover it has many advantages over sleep, insulin management, organ health, skin health and many other factors.
    • Supes Compound Power Omega is an Omega 3 supplement which has EPA and DHA in an ideal ratio with added mint flavor to avoid fishy burps and after taste.

  • Cheat Meal
    • No matter how strict a diet regime you are on, there are certain situations we need to cheat on. We often tend to fall for such situations which leads to excess carbohydrate intake which leads to high sugar levels.
    • This is where Supes Compound Cheat Meal Supplement comes to our help, the supplement is designed to help you manage your sugar levels and keep them under control. With powerful ingredients and it's useful function, Supes Compound Cheat Meal helps to regulate excess glucose in our bodies to be converted into energy.


  • Dark Knight
    • Sleep is an important and utmost factor of our lives. It is often said that we have double the stress than what our previous generations had. Stress, anxiety issues, depression are some of the reasons which directly or indirectly impact our sleep.
    • It is estimated that about two third of the world population is suffering from sleep related conditions due to some or the other factors.
    • This is where SUPES COMPOUND - DARK KNIGHT comes to your help.
    • This is not just a supplement but a perfect companion for you to go to sleep.
    • DARK KNIGHT contains Glycine, Magnesium Sulphate, L-Tryptophan, Chamomile Extract, Valeriana Wallichii Powder, Zinc, Melatonin, Vitamin B6 which not only helps induce sleep but also helps lower stress, anxiety, lower cortisol levels, improve sleep quality and helps you recover well


  • Man Stuff 
    • SUPES COMPOUND MAN STUFF is a power packed supplement for Strength Stamina and Vitality.
    • This product is filled with goodness of clinically researched rare and certified Ayurvedic ingredients such as Ashwagandha Root Extract,
    • Safed Musali Powder, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Bioperine and much more.
    • MAN STUFF undoubtedly makes for the secret behind the successful fulfilment of your health and wellness goals.

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